Products & Services

Typical Applications

  • Custom Window Treatments
  • Specialty Shades
  • Laser Curtains
  • Light Blocking Draperies for Darkrooms and Labs
  • Hospital Privacy Curtains
  • Auditorium Curtains and Stage Draperies
  • Motorized Systems

Our Services

We understand that every client and project is different, with unique budgets, design and functionality constraints that we must work within. We can completely design and install a system from your general ideas or your specific requirements, whether working independently or with your architect or engineer.

We are not afraid to design and install cutting edge technologies, but only after we have fully researched and learned about the newest innovations and ensure that they meet your requirements.


Many of our products and installations can be spec ‘ed and designed to meet industry specific and other certifications. Please let us know if your application requires a product or application meeting one or more of these standards, and we will work with you to ensure compliance.

We also have an extensive collection of flame retardant materials and fabrics designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications available.


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